By Rythmia Founder, Gerry Powell

Ayahuasca has been gifted to us as a sacred tool of the Universal Consciousness, and it can be used as a guiding light in your life to help you find a pathway back to reunite with your soul and fulfil your highest human potential.

Many are drawn to the Ayahuasca centers in South America, creating many stories of life changing experiences, where people have found a new sense of self and opened up a world of feeling, inspired their imaginations and restored a childlike sense of wonder.

And, although Ayahuasca is growing in popularity year by year as it spreads out of the Amazon and around the world, there is still a great degree of intrigue and lack of clear information about this this powerful and sacred plant medicine.

This guide aims to give you some simple facts about Ayahuasca, how it’s taken and what you can expect from an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Taking Ayahuasca is a very personal experience. In this document, I have attempted to give you the tools of understanding to help you interpret how the sacred plant could make a difference to your life and consciousness. 

What Are the Benefits of Experiencing Ayahuasca?


Ayahuasca has remarkable healing powers. Each person who takes this beautiful plant medicine undergoes a unique transformation in line with their personal goals and needs. Radiating a positive, healing effect, it helps people deal with unresolved issues and limiting beliefs, including those that originate in childhood.

Many are drawn to Ayahuasca, creating many stories of life changing experiences, where people have found a new sense of self and opened up a world of feeling, inspired their imaginations and restored a childlike sense of wonder.

Why Do We Need Ayahuasca?


In the Western World, we have become obsessed and misled by the power of the external. All of our lives we spend pouring our souls into parts of our existence that are external to ourselves -  from sexual relationships to material possessions and addictive impulses - we increasingly believe that these goals and objectives will make us happy.

Yet, all too often, when we claim a goal or reach a personal peak, there is only a momentary rush of excitement and fulfillment; and, we realise that little has changed in our emotional landscape. Some of us begin to have a nagging doubt, often originating in our stomachs and guts, that something is not quite right with our world.

Is Ayahuasca Right For Me?


Many people who take Ayahuasca say that they hear a personal calling, like a quiet whispering to take part in a ceremony.

Taking Ayahuasca is a personal choice and one to make with as much information as possible. Ultimately, if you use this medicine in the right way with respect and love in your heart, then there is very little that can go wrong - but it is vital that you make this commitment to listening to the message of the plant. Enter the world of Ayahuasca with gratitude and surrender, with the trust that mother Ayahuasca will reveal to you what you need and never more than you can handle.  

Use your internal guidance system to decide if you want to take Ayahuasca. Take time in still moments to ask yourself about the deeper questions to life and if you would like to find more answers in the beyond. Communicate with the deeper side of yourself, whether you call this your inner child, your spirit, your higher self or your guardian angel - it doesn’t matter what you call this deep and central part of your soul - you’ll hear a calling from deep within that this plant has something to offer your eternal consciousness.

No-one can tell you to take Ayahuasca, nor should they. This is your journey and lifetime’s experience on this plane and planet. Be prepared to experience a world of beyond that will change your life in infinitely yet fundamental ways. 

What is Ayahuasca?


There is a story passed down through some lineages of Shaman that tells of the power of Ayahuasca originating from an ancient time on our planet. During this time of abundance and elevated consciousness, there was a group of enlightened beings that foresaw a time would befall this world, one of pain and suffering where there would be a loss of our connection to the immense consciousness of the real.

To help our society during this time, the enlightened ones transcended their physical form and took up residence within the Ayahuasca plant, lying dormant in the vine of the soul until those who understand the secret of this healing plant unlock them during the shamanic healing ceremonies. During this time these ancient spirits come to us and help us re-claim our own pathway to heal and fulfil our human potential.

Ayahuasca is a sacred, plant-based medicine which is indigenous to the Amazonian region. Known for producing hallucinogenic effects, it is concocted by brewing the bark of a Banisteriopsis caapi, a type of jungle vine, with Psychotria viridis, which comes from the leaves of a native shrub. The leaves contain the psychoactive substance, DMT.

What Will Happen When I Take Ayahuasca?

The Four Types of Journey


Ayahuasca is known to take you into another world filled with wonder and a sense of the beyond. Whirling visions of colors and fractal light are widely reported as well as sensations in the body of floating, falling and even flying.

Through the About Your Miracle program we have  created from knowledge passed to us from the various indigenous communities and shaman that we are connected to, we have been able to observe and classify four different types of Ayahuasca journeys. Each relates to a specific lesson gifted to us by the infinite and vast nature of the universal consciousness.


Awaken into a world of brightly lit wonder as the Ayahuasca serpent takes you on a journey through a visionary realm of colors, shapes, patterns and even strange words and languages. This vision helps you understand the power of your mind to shape and change the reality around you, as an active part of the universe as opposed to a passive observer. This experience is a restoring of balance of the brain hemispheres.

During this type of Ayahuasca journey you experience a download of information and insights, usually through hearing a voice giving you direct answers to your questions. Many report being able to interact with a female presence and receiving a direct consultation on specific issues in their life. 


Sometimes we are not open to the power of Ayahuasca and it works with our souls on another level entirely. We are so shut down at a given point that our mind fails to relax enough and does not open to the more obvious effects of this plant medicine. But to believe this has not had any kind of impact would be a mistake - Mother Ayahuasca is still working at a subconscious level and will still generate answers, healing, insight and change. The medicine is healing your lineage and past trauma that you are not up to experiencing.

Nothing or Nada

The body journey is a journey of physical sensations in the body, some of which are unpleasant but others are immensely warm and at times ecstatic. When you are ingesting Ayahuasca, you are ingesting a higher vibration and anything in your body, emotions, beliefs, thought patterns that are at a lower frequency, cannot stand this higher frequency and are purged from the body. Yawns, physical healings, purging by throwing up, deep breathing, sighs and all serve to help the body expunge negative aspects of the self. When we purge the body this is a reflection of the mind and the soul similarly flushing out used and redundant thoughts and constructs that no longer serve you.


Will I Vomit or Purge on Ayahuasca?


People who take Ayahuasca are known to purge. What does this mean? Because drinking Ayahusca is drinking a drop of nature, of pure consciousness it is introducing a pure and high vibration into your energy field. A lower frequency will always be displaced by this higher frequency. Purging through sweating, vomiting or shaking is the body cleansing itself of these lower energies, emotions and beliefs in order that they be transcended. 

Is intention setting important?


Before you enter into an Ayahuasca ceremony, it is strongly recommended to take some time to set your intention for the ceremony. The more specific you are with your intention, the more clarity Ayahuasca can give you.

What do you want to know? What is holding you back from reaching your personal goals in life? Or, do you simply want to come to terms with a feeling - from dissatisfaction through to depression that’s holding you back?

Intention setting helps you define an internal plan for your transformation.

At Rythmia we have a unique intention setting model that helps our guests to release their negative patterns and awaken to their highest human potential.

The first is “Show me who I have become”. This intention allows you to see your life as it truly is, see what is holding you back and what unconscious patterns are driving you. The second and most important intention is to ask “Please remerge me back with my soul at all costs”. 

This is important because being separated from our soul is the root cause of all of our issues. When we are children, we express ourselves freely, we play, we create, we love unconditionally, and we place few judgements on ourselves or other people.

However, between the time we are conceived and 5 years old, an event happens which causes us to feel unsafe. We no longer feel able to embody our true essence, so we flee from ourselves and create a protected version of ourselves. 

The result? You begin to believe YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH.

All disease, mental disorders, and addictions stem from this “split” from our souls. When you reunite with your soul, everything gets healed.

As soon as you split, you have a new priority, which is to be right. We begin categorizing other people, putting them in boxes and comparing ourselves to them. We start rearranging our lives with the goal of being right. Because we can’t be ourselves, we have to serve our ego and become obsessed with being right.

We all lose the connection of being whole and take on false beliefs that become embedded in our subconscious mind. These beliefs make us feel less than, unworthy or not enough.

Through setting the intention to reconnect with your soul, Mother Ayahuasca can take you on a journey to remembering and reuniting with your soul and true essence.

It is then that you are able to awaken to your human potential, you now know that you are enough and your whole life orients around your new belief system for you.

Is it dangerous?


It is very important that you respect the ceremony and the medicine’s power to give you insights. 

Medically, there is nothing dangerous about Ayahuasca, if the correct precautions are taken. As the plant medicine causes excitation and stimulation, this means it can raise the blood pressure and heart-rate and so medical opinion is that it should not be taken by anyone with an existing heart condition and certainly you should not attend a ceremony if you are on pharmaceutical mediation.

Ideally, you will have a medical screening to ensure that you are both physically and psychologically fit to take Ayahuasca. At Rythmia, we have a full medical team who perform a full examination before you are cleared to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony. Your safety is paramount to us, and we have a medical staff on site at all times.

How to decide where to go?


Why Rythmia?


Located in one of the world's 5 blue zones and areas of outstanding natural beauty in Costa Rica, Rythmia Life Advancement Center is a nurturing and luxury life transformation resort.  

It is a safe place where you can awaken to your highest human potential, letting go of limiting patterns and negative behaviors. 

Our guests are discovering their life's purpose, deeper relationships, clarity, love, abundance, health, freedom, and an overall sense of wellbeing and happiness.

At Rythmia you will find traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies and highly experienced shaman with a complimentary and supporting program around the Ayahusca experience for you. We call this the “About Your Miracle Program”.

What Is The About Your Miracle Program?

A Closing Note

We believe your life is a book with blank pages and you have the opportunities to write your own story each day. The future is uncertain and many paths diverge ahead of you. If you are conscious about those paths, you'll determine the ones that are best for you. You have choice—to let life happen for you or to you.

Once you shed your limiting beliefs, conditioning and start living consciously, you can choose. You can develop responsibility for your life. To say yes to you. To consciousness and life.

I look forward to meeting you personally.

Best, Gerry

In the West, we have lost much of spirituality and understanding of personal techniques. Many of the established independent routes of mindfulness, meditations and yoga can take too long to create a result and often fail to give us the insight we need to advance at the rate that’s right for us.

Ayahuasca fast tracks the change and helps us come to a more rapid understanding, where we face up to our limiting beliefs that have been restricting our growth. Whilst many of these deeper patterns of behavior cannot be accessed through conventional western means and are unresolved by Eastern techniques, the plant medicine seems to have a way of bypassing our desire to hold onto negative beliefs.

We are proud that we created this unique program, but we go one step further by customising it to each individual guest’s journey of healing and self actualisation.

About Your Miracle guests experience this process in our luxurious resort here in tropical Guancaste, Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful locations in the world and one of the world’s five blue zones.

It is a safe, nurturing, peaceful and playful haven for you to connect with you true self and clear the long-held limiting beliefs that have kept you from a life you love.

Ayahuasca naturally expels the negative energies out of our system. Following a clean living and eating plan before the ceremony will mean that  your experience is more likely to be more gentle.

Everyone who undergoes a purging experience talks of a sense of relief and calmness after being sick, crying or excessive yawning. It’s part of the ceremony that many people go through and leaves you feeling relaxed, empty and ready to accept your personal transformation experience.

However, Ayahuasca should not be compared to recreational psychedelic drugs and substances like MDMA or LSD. It is not necessarily going to give you a pleasurable trip where you are shown dancing lights. Deeply held beliefs will be shaken and questions asked of your inner being. Make this commitment with reverence, modesty, acceptance and, above all, a desire to know more about the universe and your place in it, giving you the power to embrace a life enriched by love. 

Ayahuasca can improve relationships, opening us up to emotion and love, releasing years of pent up emotion and giving us a sense of renewed purpose and direction in life. Many people who take it report it giving them an inner peace and sense of well being.

Many people feel that the plant has helped them  re-establish a connection with the inner voice of their feelings and create a self that is more assured and aware of how to relax and find their place within the world.

“I only knew I needed a change.
I just knew I was stuck in an inwardly negative and outwardly positive, no self-motivation, self deprecating cycle. The change I received was completely unexpected and profound. ”

Rachel P

As Ayahuasca soars in popularity recent years, there has been an increasing number of Westerners have been making the long trip to the Amazon in search of its healing properties. A few years ago, this included myself. It is a beautiful experience to drink the medicine in the jungle because the experience is extremely strong and therefore deeply transformative. However, after many ceremonies there, we found the basic conditions uncomfortable and the lack of real assistance from the shaman after ceremony to help us understand and frame our experience challenging. 

There are also over 700 "underground" ceremonies taking place every week in people's homes and appartments in each of New York and L.A. There are of course some ceremonies being held by highly experienced shaman but there are also many horror stories of inexperienced shaman conducting ceremonies in a highly irresponsible fashion giving participants an uneasy ride. 

For these two reasons we created a totally safe, comfortable and giving the correct guidance before and after our ceremony experience that we created Rythmia.

“I truly feel that I have experienced a miracle 
in the week I spent there, and the changes both large and small appear to be rippling throughout every aspect of my life. I feel that I own my femininity for the first time. I feel like I’m no longer living only in my mind, but have taken up a permanent residence in my heart.”

Emilia R.

“I would not just head to the jungle for my first Ayahuasca experience. 

After considerable research, we settled on Rythmia in Costa Rica. I can’t imagine how we could have gone to a better or safer retreat. I can honestly say there is nothing in my life that has made more of an impact on either me or my husband than participating in these ceremonies. They were life changing in ways I don’t think I can put into words without sounding crazy. ”

Ivy Ingram Larson

The About Your Miracle Program is a groundbreaking system fusing the best in ancient wisdom and modern psychological techniques.

The About Your Miracle Program helps you to gain awareness of negative patterns of thought and behaviors on an emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual level giving you the ground to make significant positive and permanent changes in your life.

You will learn to understand your habitual ways of thinking and behaving, align with your authentic self, and respond to situations in your life from a place of heartfelt action rather than a reaction to chance and circumstance.

The program includes educational classes and lectures, a physical cleansing program, meditation and yoga practice and psychological support to prepare you for and help you integrate your ayahuasca experience.